「Venture Beat」が伝えるところによると、Facebookの従業員はFacebookユーザのアカウントにパスワードなしでアクセスできるようです。

Facebook explains when employees can access your account without your password | VentureBeat | Social | by Emil Protalinski
Earlier this week, Paavo Siljamäki, director at the record label Anjunabeats, told a very interesting story about an interaction with a Facebook engineer logging into his account without entering his account credentials. We got in touch with Facebook to learn when exactly the company’s employees can perform such actions.


 今月2月24日、レコードレーベル「Anjunabeats」のディレクターPaavo Siljamäki氏が彼のFacebookウォールに以下のような投稿をしました。

Today's thought provoking story; Popped to Facebook offices in LA, the nice people there were giving us good advice on how to use Facebook better. I was then asked if i'm ok for them to look at my profile, i said 'sure'. A Facebook engineer can then log in directly as me on Facebook seeing all my private content without asking me for the password. Just made me wonder how many of Facebook's staff have this kind of 'master' access to anyone's account? What are the rules on who and when they can access our private content and how would we know if someone did? (My facebook did not notify me that someone else accessed my private profile).
Paavo Siljamäki - Today's thought provoking story; Popped to...

 この投稿によると、ロサンジェルスのFacebookオフィスを訪問したPaavo Siljamäki氏が、Facebookの従業員に自身のアカウントへのアクセスを許可したところ、彼にパスワードを聞くことなく彼のアカウントにアクセスしたそうです。
 この件について「Venture Beat」がFacebookに問い合わせたところ、広報担当者が以下のように回答しています。

We have rigorous administrative, physical, and technical controls in place to restrict employee access to user data. Our controls have been evaluated by independent third parties and confirmed multiple times by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner’s Office as part of their audit of our practices. Access is tiered and limited by job function, and designated employees may only access the amount of information that’s necessary to carry out their job responsibilities, such as responding to bug reports or account support inquiries. Two separate systems are in place to detect suspicious patterns of behavior, and these systems produce reports once per week which are reviewed by two independent security teams. We have a zero tolerance approach to abuse, and improper behavior results in termination.
Facebook explains when employees can access your account without your password | VentureBeat | Social | by Emil Protalinski